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Colour Trends for 2023

Updated: Mar 8, 2023

Every autumn, paint brands and colour specialists weigh in on what the trends will be for the year ahead, including their ‘Colour of the Year’. A shade they believe represents the mood of the moment.

Looking for ideas to transform your home decor in 2023? Check out the latest trends in paint colours, as top paint brands and colour experts announce their annual "Colour of the Year." From Dulux's warm and inviting 'Wild Wonder' to Behr's versatile 'Blank Canvas', these shades reflect the current mood and are influenced by the latest interior design and fashion trends. Whether you want to create a relaxing atmosphere in your living room with a soothing neutral tone or make a bold statement in your hallway with a pop of energising red, the right colour can set the tone for your entire home.

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